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  • Display proxy group name in log
  • Support modify profile fetch timeout in setting
  • Support temporarily disable bypass mode and remember config
  • Bypass list sort mode config now will be remember
  • Improve profile compatibility
  • Reduce apk size
  • Remove GMS qrcode scanner
  • Bug fixed


  • Display proxy group name in log
  • Support modify profile fetch timeout in setting
  • Support temporarily disable bypass mode and remember config
  • Bypass list sort mode config now will be remember
  • Improve profile compatibility
  • Reduce apk size
  • Remove GMS qrcode scanner
  • Bug fixed


  • Fix VPN start failed if include wireguard proxy
  • Add compatible mode in bypass config list, fix list item click issue
  • Add more profile content checking
  • Replace some toast with snackbar
  • Include hidden proxy group proxies in global mode by default
  • Bug fixed


  • Fix DoH not working issue
  • Fix tablet not display profile content in landscape
  • Bug fixed


  • Make recursive include-other-group not rely on defined sequence
  • Fix dialog transition
  • Fix LAN multicast sometime not working if udp-policy-not-supported-behaviour set to REJECT
  • Fix external resource manually fetch failed cause crash


  • Add manually edit host ui
  • Improve dns response printing
  • Change accessibility mode back to manually


  • Support preshared-key param in wireguard
  • Improve profile compatibility
  • Improve accessibility compatibility


  • Improve profile compatibility
  • Bug fixed


  • Add ARMv8 crypto extension support to improve ss throughput performance
  • Add udp label in proxy list to indicate udp relay support
  • Support Android 12L+ activity embedding
  • Update Japanese/Korean language translation
  • Improve profile compatibility, make include-all-proxies only include proxies under [Proxy] section
  • Improve profile import error prompt
  • Fix simple-obfs slightly memory leak
  • Bug fixed


  • Improve accessibility compatibility
  • Improve profile compatibility
  • Bug fixed


  • Fix public ip value issue
  • Fix theme display issue


  • Use DNS over HTTPS in profile fetcher to handle dns pollution issues
  • Add masked from recent task option
  • Add hide from recent task option
  • Bug fixed


  • Add NAT detection tool
  • Bug fixed


  • Support sort mode in bypass config
  • Fix tile issue
  • Add mtu option in settings
  • Fix ssid/bssid issue when surfboard is in background
  • Make policy-regex-filter support partial match with include-all-proxies and include-other-group


  • Fix dns query issue on Android 14
  • Fix proxy group speedtest not working issue
  • Fix some vmess proxy not working issue

Issue above was introduced in 2.22.1 and 2.22.3


  • Make dynamic color theme support pure dark
  • Improve profile compatibility
  • Synchronize proxy test result in different proxy group
  • Bug fix


  • Bug fixed


  • Add pure dark theme support
  • Bug fixed


  • Add wireguard proxy support
  • Add include-other-group support
  • Ignore ponte proxy
  • Update embedded geoip library
  • Bug fixed


  • Fix change theme not working on some devices
  • Fix public ip card display ipv6 format address
  • Update translation
  • Fix window background color error
  • Bug fixed


  • Fix switch media import crash introduced in previous version
  • Improve vpn open speed
  • Bug fixed
  • Update translation


  • Support use ftp to modify profiles list
  • Bug fixed


  • Support auto zoom in gms qrcode scanner
  • Bug fixed


  • Support force-remote-dns and enhanced-mode in PROCESS-NAME rules
  • Fix tile click not working on Android 14
  • Bug fixed


  • Support some misc rule.
    • with IN-PORT and SRC-IP, now you can control traffic from lan proxy more easily.
    • For more info, please check manual
  • Add compact profile list support
  • Unify menu icon ui
  • Update bottom sheet peek height
  • Display remote client info from lan proxy in logcat
  • Adapt to Android 14


  • Bug fixed
  • Ignore invalid proxy when importing multiple uri
  • Remove sponsor entrance


  • Bug fixed
  • Display private ip in sshdump card
  • Improve vmess uri compatibility


  • Fix import profile compatibility issue
  • Avoid close ui when toggle tile
  • Fix update profile notify issue
  • Fix private ip and dns not display when starting vpn from tile
  • Improve geoip compatibility
  • Bug fixed


  • Bug fixed
  • Update translation


  • Support bypass TLS verification when fetching profiles and external resources
  • Print package name in dns log
  • Avoid toasting when starting vpn
  • Fix subnet rule bugs
  • Bug fix


  • Bug fix


  • Fix in app update crashing


  • Add changelog entrance in app
  • Allow to be installed in sdcard
  • Bug fix


  • Profile content: add subnet type rules support
  • About settings: add new version checking in non-googleplay installation
  • Bug fixed


  • Profile content: add subnet type rules support
  • About settings: add new version checking in non-googleplay installation
  • Bug fixed


  • Update profile list ui:
    • Add suggestion chip
    • Add sponsors entrance in footer
    • Add manual entrance when empty
  • Add app widget support: public ip, dns and private ip
  • Update app shortcut icon
  • GeoIP library now support auto update
  • Bug fixed


  • Support query ip location on tool list
  • Support scan qrcode from gallery
  • Catch WebView core missing exception
  • Automatically restart VPN when switching selected profile
  • Change QRCode library to reduce APK size
  • Support display external resource timeout message when fetching profile
  • Update translation
  • Allow copy url in settings
  • Fix UI issues
  • Bug fixed


  • Fix profile item menu not focusable on tv devices
  • Update profile editor library version
  • Add detection for TLS handshake failure due to Client/Server time mismatch
  • Add divider for toolbar
  • Update handler ui for bottom sheet
  • Always show label in bottom navigation bar (as you wish)
  • Support use editor to view external resource content(policy path/rule set/domain set)
  • Fix vpn time ticker got running when vpn is not started
  • Update some ui detail for android tv devices
  • Fix duplicated notification action
  • Fix proxy list align issue
  • Add cloudflare speed test entrance in tools list


  • Improve trojan/vmess uri compatibility
  • Fix UI overlay issue
  • Upload bypass vpn setting description for better understanding
  • Fix Android TV speed test icon not focusable
  • Bug fixed


  • Add batch update profiles support
  • Add pin profiles support
  • Add back bypass vpn toggle setting
  • Support display network error info when import profile failed due to fetch external resource failure
  • Bug fixed
  • Fix some translation


  • Fix fd leak causeb by IPC protect
  • Fix OOM caused by editor
  • Enlarge proxy list item maximum width
  • Bypass list support case-insensitive search
  • Support detect multiple proxies with the same name but not equals to each other
  • Bug fixed
  • Update translation


  • Fix Android 13+ issue introduce in 2.18.7


  • Support test-timeout param
  • DomainSet use binary search list instead of hashMap, search speed will be slower, but memory consumption will also be lower
  • Apply some skip-proxy rules on tun interface on Android 13+
  • Re-enable recent request entrance
  • Fix some ui issue on 7 inch tablet
  • Bug fixed
  • Fix ss proxy server domain not query through DOH
  • Fix DNS query log error


  • Bug fixed


  • Fix TCP KeepAlive toggle not working
  • Add session id in logcat
  • Update translation
  • Improve profile import


  • include-all-proxies now will include all proxies in [Proxy] and [Proxy Group], including external proxies
  • Add TCP keep alive toggle for proxy in settings
  • Display last exit reason in developer options ui
  • Catch profile decode exception instead of returning success
  • Reduce APK size
  • Bug fixed


  • Improve embedded profile editor performance on huge profile
  • Fix crash
  • Update translation


  • Support share profile via qrcode
  • Dashboard ui support dynamic column size, add back NavigationRailView
  • Try to fix 'too many open files' issue
  • Add fd count display in developer options ui
  • Reduce APK size
  • Support unofficial allowInsecure param in trojan uri
  • Bug fixed


  • Fix STUN NAT
  • Update translation
  • Bug fixed


  • Support UTLS
  • Support bypass config import/export


  • Modify some setting entrance
  • Bug fixed


  • Bug fixed


  • Fix no network sometime switch from mobile to wifi
  • Fix ProxyGroup tabs scrolling issue introduced in 2.17.3
  • Rerun url-test/fallback group speedometer when network changed
  • Improve save profile error message display
  • Fix speedometer direct test failed
  • Bug fixed
  • Update translation


  • Rewrite speedometer module
    • Support synchronize test result between different tabs
    • Support sort by default/delay/name
    • Support auto sort after test finished


  • Support fallback group type
  • Improve Android TV experience
  • Update translation
  • Bug fixed


  • Support include-all-proxies standard in proxy group
  • Improve UI compatibility with Samsung tablet sidebar
  • Improve UI compatibility with Android 13 foldable phone bottom bar
  • Add bottomBar support in profile editor
  • Bug fixed


  • Dashboard: now you can long press to hide card, or toggle card visibility in the top right menu
  • Add public ip visibility toggle animation
  • Update some displayed text
  • Remove some profile url format checking for better compatibility


  • Fix OOM issue cause by doh function
  • Adapt to Android 13 per-app language settings
  • Fix empty local proxy card issue
  • Add OOM monitor debug function
  • Make panel dialog content url and email clickable
  • Reduce apk size
  • Disable hide vpn notification setting on MIUI
  • Support click sshdump bar in dashboard to open vpn settings


  • Fix some oom issue
  • Fix speed curve frozen when speed is zero
  • Update translation
  • Update embedded geoip library
  • Display LAN ip in local ip card ui
  • Respect ruleSet/domainSet sequence


  • Bug fixed
  • Add vmess username format validate
  • Update switch preference ui


  • Add profile sub menu support
  • Bug fixed
  • Adapt to Android 13 excludeRoute method
  • Add so library missing detect
  • Reduce suffix domain rule memory usage
  • Fix miui gesture bar color
  • Support long press ip card to copy ip
  • Update translation


  • Support panel
  • Fix shadowsocks protocol crash issue


  • Fix connection count issue
  • Adapt to Android 13 notification permission request
  • Update start when boot logic


  • Fix some memory leak issues
  • Fix bugs


  • Try fix connection count issue by not using protect api
  • Add unsupported YAML format profile detection
  • Compatible with number value with unit suffix in profile content
  • Bug fixed
  • Update translation


  • Display native process memory consumption in developer ui
  • Add Nintendo Switch media import support(Android 10+)
  • Update shortcut icon shape
  • Move sshdump into vpn setting
  • Update translation
  • Bugfix


  • Add new traffic list ui
  • Support websocket in trojan protocol
  • Revert to previous dark icon


  • Reduce VPN CPU usage
  • Add more notification settings
  • Add recommend doh server list
  • Add export log in tool list
  • Update embedded geoip library
  • Add document entry in external resources ui
  • Update translation


  • Fix tile not working on color os
  • Hide VPN notification badge icon
  • Fix timeout when applying 'force-remote-dns' on direct rule domain
  • Support decode 'persistent' param in load balanced group


  • Add custom geoip database support


  • Optimize DOMAIN-SET memory usage


  • Improve DOMAIN-SET performance
  • Improve proxy group ui performance


  • Support DOMAIN-SET rule
  • Fix force-remote-dns setting not working for domain rules in RULE-SET
  • Add korean language support


  • update public ip batch fetch
  • support display flag emoji on public ip card
  • try to fix traffic loop is proxy host is ip format
  • better handle horizontal orientation


  • Fix setting crash issue


  • Improve tablet ui
  • Bug fixed


  • Support load-balance proxy group
  • Process rule support wildcard match
  • Bug fixed


  • Move google api checking to tools list
  • Update tools list ui


  • Fix google api availability checking crash


  • Add google api availability checking
  • Add invalid managed config url faq entrance
  • Disable sshdump on android 7 and lower
  • Support dynamic change ui translation on the fly


  • Add GMS QRCode scanner support
  • Improve dns ip display outside mainland China
  • Fix public ip display issue
  • Update profile menu item sequence
  • Fix DoH server verify exception
  • Add Android TV App entrance(still using mobile ui)
  • Add private ip card in dashboard
  • Update GEOIP library
  • Add more theme support


  • Support drag and drop feature in profile list ui
  • Add wireshark sshdump support in tools list
  • Add DnsPod DoH server in embedded profile template
  • Bug fixed


  • Bring better wildcard match for skip-proxy, always-real-ip and host rule
  • Add vpn toggle toast
  • Improve public ip api usability
  • Change editor newline symbol for better compatibility
  • Fix theme setting crash on lower version devies
  • Fix change theme not working on lower version devices
  • Fix self traffic handle error


  • Add allowing bypass VPN setting
  • Disable text highlight in embedded profile editor to improve performance
  • New theme setting ui, support devices lower than Android 12
  • Bug fixed
  • Update translation


  • Support change theme palette(If you have better color recommended, please contact me)
  • Support override doh-server config in setting
  • Improve VPN start speed when using huge profile
  • Support toggle offline/disabled app display in bypass app list
  • Fix fetch profile timeout if contains self url as policy path url
  • Improve recent requests list performance, support fast scroll
  • Update translation


  • Change default vmess-aead value to true


  • Support profile url as policy path url
  • Fix profile editor save failed still show as success
  • Fix network unavailable if use global outbound with zero proxies profile
  • Remove override vmess aead setting, please use vmess-aead in profile instead
  • Change profile list sort to natural order
  • Add more protocol recognize in logcat and recent requests
  • Update translation


  • Add doh-server support
  • Add fcm diagnostics entrance in developer options
  • Update translation


  • Fix public ip card random crash issue
  • Fix devices without camera can not install issue


  • Use mlkit qrcode scanning instead of zxing
  • Add Developer Options UI
    • Support viewing memory usage, trigger garbage collect and export memory snapshot
    • Support exporting log file
  • Unify browser open method
  • Add translate contributor list
  • Update translation
  • Fix some vmess uri import failed
  • Support HTTP 301 in external resource management
  • Support Android 13 themed app icon


  • Support override http-listen and socks5-listen in profiles
  • Support HTTP 30X redirection when fetching external resource


  • Fix SS url base64 decode error
  • Add Google Play AAB support
  • Use online sponsor page
  • Update translation
  • Bug fixed


  • Bug fixed


  • Add udp-policy-not-supported-behaviour support
  • Rewrite external resource manager


  • Profile editor: performance improve, add more highlight support
  • add internet-test-url support
  • Compatible with vmess proxy whose ws header value wrapped with quotes
  • Update translation


  • Add traffic statistics card in dashboard(only count a single session)
  • Add traffic statistics mode in setting, affect notifications, traffic card
  • Toggle notification tile without closing panel
  • Support Google Play In App Update
  • Update libuv to 1.44.1
  • Update translation


  • Add AppCenter & breakpad
  • Revert outbound UI
  • Add new manual entrance
  • Change public ip fetching api
  • Update translation


  • Fix local proxy address in use crash
  • Update outbound mode card UI
  • Fix crash when upgrade from v1.2.4


  • Add local proxy support: http and socks5
  • Update dashboard UI
  • Enable lan traffic filter setting


  • Refetch public ip info when changing outbound mode
  • Fix change global proxy not update public ip info
  • Fix crash cause by vpn quick start twice
  • Fix crash when viewing huge ruleSet/policyPath list
  • Add ChangeLog dialog when click version code
  • Fix random GEOIP crash on Android 5/6
  • Add sponsors list


  • Add DNS poisoning auto fix support
  • Fix tile not working on some devices
  • Small UI change
  • Bug fixed


  • Fix profile serializable crash
  • Remove flurry
  • Use Crashlytics instead of Sentry


  • Update translation
  • Fix splash screen top left corner frame
  • Optimize memory usage cause by huge profile/ruleSet/policyPath
  • Add quick change proxygroup selection ui
  • Improve editor launch performance
  • Add update profiles after vpn established toggle in settings
  • Bug fixed


  • Avoid open vpn cause adb wifi reconnect
  • Update all profiles after vpn started
  • Fix crash
  • Update translation


  • Update translation
  • Bug fixed


  • Add app shortcut support
  • Add deeplink support:
  • surfboard:///toggle
  • surfboard:///start
  • surfboard:///stop
  • surfboard:///install-config?url=[encoded_profile_url]
  • Bypass config support batch operation
  • Support setting to use external editor
  • Fix manually update profile no refresh last modified time
  • Add change language animation


  • add more transition animation
  • make language change take effect without restart
  • update editor font
  • fix navigationbar overlay issue in some ui
  • update translation
  • bug fixed


  • editor support some emacs key map: Ctrl + [Shift] + N/P/F/B/A/E
  • proxy list support scroll to selected proxy
  • update translation
  • fix menu item repeat issue


  • Profile Editor

    • Add highlight support
    • Add redo/undo support
    • Add new empty profile support


  • Support embeded editor
  • Small UI change


  • Material Design 3
  • This version may be buggy and won't be release on Google Play until stable. Use on your own risk.


  • Bug fixed


  • Multiple proxy import now only support dividing with newline, space and vertical bar no longer supported
  • Update vietnamese translation
  • Fix crash


  • Rewrite webdav synchronize module
  • Show profile update option even managed config url is invalid
  • Change vmess/trojan proxy default udp-relay value to false
  • Fix crash when updating invalid profile
  • Fix vmess uri compatibility
  • Bug fixed


  • Remove direct/reject proxy in global proxy group
  • Clone profile as editable profile with managed config removed
  • Exclude unsupported proxy uri (like vless://xxx) when importing
  • Change default proxy column size to middle


  • Fix SAF editing not trigger profile list refresh
  • Bug fixed.


  • Support vmess-aead param in vmess proxy config.
  • Add DoH detect.
  • Bug fixed.
  • Use vmess-aead param to define per-proxy AEAD setting, if param not defined in the profile, default value in the settings will be used.
  • For profile format detail, please check the sample profile in the top right corner of profile list.


  • Support Always-ON-VPN setting
  • Generate new profile name when reimporting existed profile
  • Improve ICMP/UDP traffic handle efficiency when using profile with tons of rules
  • Support hiding system apps in bypass config
  • Prompt restart VPN after bypass config changed
  • Add disable notification checking in settings
  • Fix active count flicking issue
  • Enable force-remote-dns by default
  • New profile update strategy


  • Support always-real-ip
  • Support decoding sni param and proxy name from trojan uri
  • Enable udp-relay in vmess/trojan proxy by default
  • Block DoT traffic by default
  • Update all profile when app launch
  • Support decoding = server:syslib in [Host] section
  • Support domain suffix in skip-proxy config
  • Improve import profile error prompt
  • Add always-real-ip = in [General] section to fix Google Voice Dialing issue, proxy must support relaying UDP traffic.


  • Keep proxy order from proxygroup which contains policy path and normal proxies
  • Update translation
  • Bug fixed


  • Improve profile name guessing when import from url
  • Fix rule count error when include multiple ruleset with same source
  • Remove disk cache when removing external resource
  • Fix ip type trojan proxy import issue


  • Improve huge profile compatibility
  • Improve TLS proxy compatibility
  • Improve profile decode speed
  • Treat REJECT-TINYGIF as REJECT rule (due to android not support MITM)
  • Add Surge manual entrance in tools tab


  • Fix global group sequence not follow the profile content
  • Fix network speed display issue on 32bit devices
  • Reset all tcp connection when changing outbounds mode
  • Fix proxy count error in some policy path profiles
  • Fix some crashing when upgrade from GP version
  • Bug fixed


  • Fix ruleSet/policyPath too huge cause crashing
  • Fix network error cause crashing
  • Fix custom uri scheme not working


  • Allow display invalid profiles, now you are free to delete or modify them
  • Change external resource manager entrance to lower location
  • Use force-remote-dns in global outbound mode by default
  • Cache dns cache when toggle vpn, change outbound mode and change proxy group selection
  • Support batch delete unused external resources
  • Bug fixed


  • Add external resources manage ui
  • Speed up notification bar tile toggle initial time
  • Use as embedded geoip library
  • Update url format validator
  • Bug fixed


  • Add Force remote dns toggle in settings
  • Scroll to new position when clone/rename profile
  • Check invalid vmess url format
  • Bug fixed


  • Add 'NEW' badge for new profile
  • Use FINAL rule to fetch public IP info if FINAL rule defined
  • ICMP: return fake ICMP reply if match FORWARD policy, return dest unreachable if match REJECT policy
  • Print debug info in logcat if click connection count card when VPN is opened
  • Little UI update


  • Traffic with not supported proto will be reject by default
  • UDP reject will be handled by return ICMP port unreachable by default
  • Warning invalid profile url when importing profile
  • Fix some connection count issue
  • Add more restart vpn prompt
  • Hide network speed statusbar icon toggle on MIUI devices
  • Bug fixed


  • fix crash
  • Support disable logcat output in settings


  • Fix some memory/connection leak issue


  • Fix vmess/netflix compatibility issue cause by ipv6
  • Fix crashes
  • Print warning log when reject traffic
  • Support scan ss/vmess/trojan/http/https/surfboard/surge/surge3 format qrcode


  • Fix crashes
  • Improve vmess websocket compatibility
  • Update persian language


  • Fix speedtest issue
  • Bug fixed


  • update persian language
  • fix telegram using direct rule issue


  • Fix auto group speed test not working
  • Reset all existed tcp connection when change proxy group selection
  • Avoid forward proxy traffic dead lock
  • Fix crash cause by long file name


  • Fix speed test issue
  • Support basic auth in profile url


  • Fix speedtest issue


  • Fix speed test not stable issue
  • Fix fetching public IP error when use with other VPN
  • Add VMESS AEAD hint when first use
  • Add warning when new profile subscribe url is from localhost


  • Fix WebDAV synchronize issue with
  • Update dashboard UI
  • Update maxmind geoip2lite library
  • Bug fixed


  • Add WebDAV synchronize support
  • Fix crash when restart VPN after rename profile
  • Fix fetch ip info failed after VPN established
  • Improve save profile speed
  • Fix update profile last modify time no changing


  • Improve ui compatibility with tablet devices
  • Add network speed display on status bar icon
  • Add Public IP visibility toggle
  • Prompt to restart VPN when selecting profile
  • Bug fixed


  • Fix profile import issue cause by policy-regex-filter
  • Improve profile name guess imported by url
  • Fix UI tab double click issue
  • Fix profile name contains slash cause crash
  • Update sample.conf
  • Bug fixed


  • Bug fixed


  • Support policy-regex-filter and hidden in proxy group
  • Fix global outbound make network unavailable
  • Hide notification in lockscreen
  • Make VMESS AEAD disable by default
  • Update UI
  • Bug fixed


  • Support udp-relay in socks5/shadowsocks/vmess/trojan proxy
  • Fix import vmess url failed if contains slash
  • Fix some crash issue


  • Improve traffic throughput
  • Update bypass apps ui, add search support
  • Fix ss proxy with domain cause stop VPN failed
  • Update UI


  • Fix policy path issue
  • Add Indonesian support
  • Improve profile decode performance
  • Fix huge profile cause crash
  • Only use English app entrance name


  • Fix gradle 7.0.1 cause R8 error
  • Update libuv/v2fly library


Fix socks5 proxy not working without authorization Add policy-path support Support surge3:///install-config?url=xxx Support enhanced mode domain rules Support decode http/socks5 proxy as TLS-based proxy Update GEOIP library


  • Fix some profile import issue, support more import format
  • Fix column size not synchronize between proxy group tabs
  • Fix notification click not working
  • Don't count speedometer into active tcp connection count
  • Change UI back to 4 tabs in main ui


  • Add fuzzy search in recent requests ui
  • Update item ui in recent requests
  • Sort bypass app by toggle state
  • Support trojan:// proxy url
  • Support import multiple proxy url divided by space, vertical line and enter
  • Support switch app launcher title to english
  • Support proxy column size switch


  • Add active connection count display in dashboard
  • Support vmess:// and ss:// url
  • Add Profile FileProvider support
  • Add VMESS AEAD support settings


  • Support vmess AEAD
  • Support long press to copy traffic info in recent request list
  • Fix update profile last modify time not changing
  • Fix profile modify not working
  • Update translation


  • Fix open vpn failed with rule-set profile


  • Add skip-proxy config support
  • Fix change global proxy not working when VPN is on
  • Add direct proxy in global outbound mode
  • Add tools tab
  • Support custom dns server port in dns-server config
  • Support decode 1/0 as Boolean in profile
  • Fix long profile list selection duplicate issue
  • Bug fixed


  • Add skip TLS verify setting
  • Fix whitelist mode not working issue


  • Add bypass config support
  • Reduce APK size
  • Add proxy_test_url support
  • Add profile sample in profile list menu


  • Add recent request support
  • Add profile viewer(not support editing yet)
  • Integrate QRCode scanner, not need to download zxing scanner


  • Update all locale app name to [Surfboard]
  • Fix crash issue on Android 7.0 and lower version
  • Update light theme UI, support switch theme in settings
  • Fix global outbound speed test not working
  • Fix crash when vmess proxy name boxed with double quote
  • Fix UI issue


  • Fix network metered issue on Android 10
  • Fix speed test issue
  • Allow fetching profile using current profile
  • Add test-timeout/internet-test-url/proxy-test-url support
  • Remember proxygroup toggle state
  • Avoid displaying toast when fetch toast failed


  • Rewrite tcp handler for better memory usage
  • Add proxygroup toggle function
  • Add Notification Channel Setting entrance
  • Bug fix


  • Fix ss tcp speedtest issue
  • Add Tile and app shortcut support
  • Fix email feedback crash
  • Update speedtest ui
  • Bugs fixed


  • Improve throughput performance(Up to 300Mbps+)
  • Bugs fixed


  • Fix second launch crash issue
  • Update proxy group grid ui